Well hello everyone tonight

Just for a clarification to my note above on the reconstruction of the Bake oven--We used a light wood frame that supported the bricks in the curved ceiling of the oven, it was on this that Fred laid the bricks around and around until he reached the centre point of the curved ceiling, it was at this point that he inserted the key shaped brick, that would keep the ceiling from collapsing once the wood frame was removed.

We just started a fire to consume the wood frame after all thelayers of bricks were all laid, if my mind serves me well I believe that there was 6 layers of brick all together, and then about 1.5 cu yds of sand on top to insulate it well

We tried to burn it out slowly to not over heat the brick by closing and choking the cast iron entrance door leading into the oven's interior restricting the admission of combustible air

Fred said that in Belgium where he was from another system was to use wet sand and shape the curvature of the oven's ceiling and then scoop the sand out afterwards

anyway got to go