Hello everyone tonight

Thanks DL for coming on board with some of your thoughts, memories and reminders of the past and the time leading up to the present--I often sit and think if we are in fact any better off than we were--well I can say with confidence we probably are to a certain degree, but I also believe that even with modern technology we are putting in just as many hours now for a living as we were when I was a child maybe more--I really believe more

I was talking to a lad yesterday that I hadn't seen for maybe 15 years, and during the course of the conversation he said that in order to follow his line of work he had to be away from his family for up to 2 months at a time--the reason being I guess the economy's weakness and slowing down in areas and speeding up in others a real roller coaster ride

Mother and dad lived through the depression of the thirtees, which lasted up till the time of the war in 1939, it seems unrealistic that it took a war and the lose of many lives to bring back the economies of many parts of the world

Wars usually though speed up technology's slow grind forward, and also here in Canada we seen an influx of new canadians of many nationalities--I as a teenager watched with awe as these new industrious immigrants turned the slowly dissapearing farm cummunities into thriving business ventures seemingly in about 10 years

It takes good vision by the politicians to put in place the seeds that develop a country as a whole, I know that around this area the development of the St Lawrence seaway in the late fifties created employment, opportunity, hydro generation, it was unbelievable the work that went on for about 3 years, it did though for better or worse bring up the wage level, good for some and not for others--it goes on today!--where does it end

Do any of you like to add to this line of thought--I know it is not timberframing but as Lowel Green used to say this week anything goes--some of these things need to be discussed for sure