Hello everyone tonight

well back to topics that deal with historic work of many types

I am putting the finishing touches on my 2 broadaxe handles that I had to make, and will then start a project really close to my heart

I have for a number of years planned to reproduce the family handsleigh--it is quite a story going back 30+ years--

As a young lad I remember quite well the handsleigh that my Grandfather made, and was used right up until my uncle sold the family farm I believe around 1948

I wanted to purchase it the day of the sale but arrived too late another person had bought it and would not consider selling it to me, so I just waited around--unfortunately I have now only the metal parts to begin this task, but feel fortunate that I have them.

The runners look good yet--good sleigh steel I am sure, because they show only minimal wear for all those years

For all good purposes I am going to name the sleigh the "Casselman Hand Sleigh".

I did some preliminary measuring today and the sleigh steel is 4'2" in length and 1.25 in width, the rounded end that comes up over the front, is a separate piece and is nicely shaped to fit over the main runner itself, and bolted at the joint

One of my next problems will be to try and obtain naturally bowed oak pieces to construct the runners out of--that means a trip to the bushlot-- a fun trip--

Well I will be back--if anyone would like to comment on handsleighs in general or post some pictures for everyone to see
that would be nice