Hello everyone tonight

Hi Gumphri, and Ken

Thanks for coming in with your experiences Gumphri, I think that you are talking about the curved wooden parts of the runners, in the end did you have to replace the wood, and if you did how did you do it?--I know that the cabinet maker at UCV -Luciano Direnzio- would steam bend the pieces, he did many curved wood pieces like chair backs this way--it is time consuming though and you need to really plan ahead--in my department we did some specialty curved handles, one was scythe handles--these were created using green ash saplings of about the right size, boiled them in boiling water and then clamped them in an apparatus that would hold the shape until they dried, broasdaxe handles with the 3" offset can be created using a similar method.

Hi Ken:--I am glad to hear from you, I hope things over there are going well--I am very sorry, but your descriptive terms have me baffled.

I am not familiar with Cruck blades, I suspect it is the lower part of a tree but not real sure, and then without this information I cannot answer the last part----sorrree--please get back to me i am very interested in your question and will do my best to give you an answer