Hello don

thanks for coming in with that interesting thread and the photos they are great

The last one showing the door and the ladder has some good details

The hinges are of a great style--crude yet well made for sure

The door itself is interesting, but doesn't show the characteristic nailing pattern usually exhibited in a board and batten door, it would be interesting to see the other side
It does have a nice mouse hole at the lower left corner

The ladder too its styling seems unique, around here the ladders are usually made from split round poles, with round rungs, I can't say that I have ever seen one constructed exactly like that one with round poles and flat rungs mortised right through.
The rungs show quite a bit of wear, must be quite old, and is real good construction

Do you have any idea the age of the structure?

The inscription on the bell would be interesting I am sure but I can't really make it outor understand the language, can you interpret it for everyone