Hello everyone tonight

Hi Gumphri --thanks for coming in with your photo of the cutter

I take it that it is a cutter--like the ones that are large enough to be pulled by a single horse--Am I correct?

It sounds like a fun project for sure

Was it a family cutter, or one that you acquired

Well today I had a visit from a reporter who had stumbled across my thread accidently, and was impressed with the various topics which she found very interesting. Needless to say I was very surprised

We had a great visit, mostly talking about the days gone by, timberframing, hewing timbers, the seaway construction, and most of all the interest that the thread seemed to generate

Well I have suspended shop work to cut the firewood for next year, conditions are just about right for bush work, a nice coating of snow, and cold enough to freeze up a good road into the difficult areas.

Will try and still come on in the evenings

Please feel free to keep the talk on handsleighs going, it would be nice to hear about and see examples of other sleigh's