Hello everyone tonight

Just thought that I would reminisce abit about the Bellamy Driveshed project

When you look at the Picture I posted of the framework just raised, I am sure that you would not imagine the activity that went on in that area during the previous summer

Along the outskirts of the area we brought in the round logs cut the previous winter--we needed first the longer plates so these logs were first on the program to be hewn

2--38' pine--large enough to square 12" by 12" on the top ends
2--26' = --large enough to square 12" by 12" on the top ends
2--38' = " " 8" by 8" "
2--26' = " " 8" by 8" "

I remember the activity, the work, the sweat, and of course the interest the hewing of the long logs generated--the larger ones were upwards of 36" on the butts--there was lots of chips around for sure!

We then switched to the shorter posts and the cross girts while the framing team began the mortising and tenant work on the freshly hewn plates

The hewing of the rafters (20) was quite a challenge alone because they were tapered from 6" sq at the bottoms to 4" square at the top--being white ash they were tough for sure, and on top of that small to hold

well see you tomorrow night