Hello everyone tonight

Hi Don

I was just wondering and for the sake of anyone else looking in who may also be wondering, could you please explain what your rain gutter was mounted on along the edge of the roof?

turning to another subject--- Historic Metal shingles--

A few years ago now I was involved with a roof replacement that had wooden shingles, but the slope was too low, and right where the roof met the porch it always leaked just a bit no matter what we seemed to do, so the decision was made to apply metal shingles which were historically correct for the period, the project was handed to me

It was sort of a fun project because there were a number of factors that came into play, mainly the size of the tin plate manufactured at that time, along with the type of metal, and how they were fastened, and how they were laid

I suspect Ken that you probably have run across examples in your travels, would you like to expand on this subject?