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Well, well--both great responses--

Ken thanks for your photo very interesting, but the roofing is quite modern--I agree though it is a very inexpensive roof covering if that is the way one wants to go, but really I am surprised that you are not familiar with historic metal shingle roofing, we have many examples surviving here, especially in the city of "Old Quebec", I also have seen old photos and paintings with examples of metal shingles applied on the angle to the horizontal of the roof plane, on many buildings spread across Ontario, which of course was the Area of Upper Canada prior to 1867 which is the date of confederation, and the time that the present provincial structures were formed

Metal shingles in the historic sense was widespred here during the 1800's, and one of the reasons was the fire protection they afforded any building they were applied to.

Another interesting thing is that the metal plates that were used then came from the mother country England, and had special characteristics in its chemical makeup, and special sizing I suspect governed by the machinery that produced it at that time

Thanks again Ken for coming in it is always nice to hear from you


Thanks also for you photo and the comment on rain gutters and what I found quite interesting the metal supports with the decorative supporting tail that run downwards toward the wall surface

looking in the background of your photo your workshop's brickwork is also quite interesting, I have never seen anything quite like it, and is quite striking in appearance the way it seems to blend and continue upwards toward the chimney's summit.

Did you copy from an original design or is it of your own thinking

The Way the gutter on the building in the foreground is built into the edge of the roof structure is also quite interesting and remarkable

Well thanks to both of you fellows I'm sure everyone will enjoy


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