Hello eveeryone tonight

Well the firewood is all out for next winter, just needs to be split, and piled indoors for the summer.

Now to continue with my project the Casselman handsleigh, I posted a few weeks ago some views of the naturally bent ash for the runners, I now have them completed and ready for the dainty work of mortising the holes for the supporting spokes, that carry the cross framework members.

You know it is not easy working in what I call miniature frames, which is what this sleigh is made up of, and try and follow the way that the original sleigh was crafted, the angling of the runners is tricky because it throws out the 90 degree angling of the mortise holes, and the seating lines which on the original I supect was pretty darn tight and accurate. One has to be careful not to over do the angling and give the runners too much cant.

One thing that I have going is that I do have the original metal braces which give a good indication of the cant of the runners

It certainly is a fun project


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