hello everyone tonight

Well good conversation you guys, but you are loosing me in the technical talk, but I agree with you Don, it seems that flax no doubt has alot of uses, not just clothing

My mother who is now 100 years young wove with flax on her spinning wheel, I have some good pictures of her at work.

Flax reminds me somewhat of cotton with its multiple uses, and there is corn with its whole plant cattle feed, the cob only at times for people, and also just the corn kernel with its multiple uses, corn starch, corn syrup, by products of whisky (distillers feed), corn glutten,--look at wheat the many uses it has for many centuries, oats, also for many centuries, this was a verycommon crop in these parts, Ontario's climate was very well adapted to many of these cereal crops

well back to my project at hand- the Casselman Sleigh--, I will be sharpening up my spoke shave to use on the curved surfaces, what a versatile useful tool--back to work till chore time--