hello everyone again tonight

Not often I post twice in one day but here I am again.

Ken -- I was just reading through an old copy of Joiner's Quarterly 1997 issue #35, and thoroughly enjoyed your article on the 600 year old "Pembroke Cottage", it sure must have been a great feeling to have reconstructed and preserved for future generations this old building--

In your opinion will this new building be around 600 years from now, or will the original one still outlive it?

Wood I suspect can only survive x# of years even under ideal conditions--dry--especially--my sleigh that I am working on is being reconstructed with only the metal parts the wood completely gone--reconstruction can only be done some from memory, some from the metal parts, some from a surviving example if there is one somewhere, maybe an old photo, and maybe an old painting.

I am maybe lucky because UCV has an example in the vehicle museum that in my mind seems almost exactly like the one I remember

Having the measurements from it to start, and as I compared it to the metal pieces of the original, I find some similarities, but I also am finding some irregularities, like the overall height of the sleigh, 1" to be exact, and a slight difference in the curvature of the sleigh runner's curved front

Well have to go now