Hello everyone tonight

Heavy draft--The resulting direction of scoring marks on hewn timbers used in frames have nothing to do with their final position be it up or down or sideways, it is like a game in a casino one never knows where the timber will end up, except if it is being hewn for a particular spot.

Dl--Agree--hewing with right or left handed broadaxes by right or left handed people--might not follow traditional lines BUT as a general rule right handed broadaxes or axe heads handled for right handed people are used in a particular way, usually one that feels the most comfortable and can be used as safely as possible, the same is true for left handed people, and left handed broad axes or broadaxes handled for left handed people.

Some people can chop right or left and feel very comfortable using either hand, I personally like many other people is not included in this group, so I stick to my hand which is right handed, meaning that I grasp the axe or any other tool the closest to the head with my right hand.