hello everyone tonight

Well the fall work is now just about wrapped up, it soon will be time to hit the shop and begin another (hopefully) interesting project

I try to pick out something that is historical in nature, it usually brings a challenge, because | have to draw on, and sharpen up-- past skills------ and best of all open up the tool chest, and get out those well worn tools

You know as I gazed on that photo of the group of carpenters that was published in the tool forum-it took me back to my younger days, to a time when I said to my father--"dad I think that I will try working as a carpenter"--A few days later he knocked at my door with an old tool chest of his, containing some old tools, and said to me--"these old tools will look better than new ones--there will be time to buy new ones later on"---I was about 22 years old then-------

A while later A construction Company moved into our area and was hiring carpenters--I said to my father--"I think I will give it a try"

I will never forget how things evolved, I din't really think that I had a chance but anyway I visited the bare site containing a small trailer, and knocked on the door, the door opened and a big red faced Irish man stood there looking down at me--his name was Danny Kerrigan--and said to me--"what can I do for you sonny"--I said--"I am looking for carpenter work"

He said 'you look sort of young to be a carpenter"

In reply I said "if I can't do the work you can fire me"

He really like my reply and told me to come on in to work the next day

That chance meeting started my lifetime career--I found work--It was the best job I ever had--and it wasn't very far away!!

There is more to this story

hope you enjoy