well hello everyone tonight

As I promised there is more to this story------

To continue I have to regress to a time early in my married life and career just starting out then----

My Aunt Rev. Gertrude Maude Hayes made one of her yearly pilgrimages from Cleveland Ohio to visit her brother (my dad)--she just loved coming and getting out in the grain field--helping to stook the grain, and just being part of farm life again for a short period--anyway--my aunt was a spiritualist minister, many would scoff at, but not me no sireee----

Before she left we all would get together and we could ask her one question, as my turn came around, I asked her--"will I find work", because money was very tight and I had a young family to feed, and there was no work around---

Well her answer was--" you will it will be the best job you ever had and it won't be very far away.

I forgot about her answer at that time but a short time later--a construction company moved into the area---need I say more---

there is more to this story

hope you enjoy