well hello tonight

As I promised before --there is more to the story--

Again we regress back to when I was about 5 years old--My Aunt came to visit us that summer, and while she was here there was a drowning in the Canal west of the village of Morrisburg, and the police could not locate the body--well they visited my aunt here on the farm because they had heard of her unusual powers of locating loved ones--they asked her if she could help them--

to make a long story short--she told them where to go and they would find who they were looking for caught in a roll of wire--well need I say more, I have a lovely photograph of my family and my aunt that was taken by the Toronto Daily Star at that time

I have many more interesting stories dealing with Aunt Maude but I think that is where I will end this topic and I would like to go back to my project for this winter

Ihope you enjoy