Hello everyone tonight

Yes-- I agree about the thought process of those craftsmen of the years gone by, one thing that I learned over the years was not to second guess their line of thought, or their reasoning because it usually turned out to be the best avenue of attack on any problem or technique.

Getting right down and examining their structures that have survived many generations, will and does provide answers to questions that come and go from time to time--

just one aspect--the number of wood pins in any joint, their size and type of wood, their placement, drawbore, shape and length, and if they have withstood the forces that they were designed to withstand

I have ran across examples of poor craftsmanship where the builders have not used good judgment in their construction tedhniques, one was a driveshed that hadspred in the centre because ofthe strain and weight of the roof and snow loading had overtaxed the cross stays and their associated connections

As we leave tonight, are there any other wheelbarrow examples out there, if so I am truly interested in seeing them



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