Hello everyone tonight

Separate cellars-----

You mention that this is quite popular in Sweden,--I could be wrong but I don't think that they were very popular here-- in my travels here I only ran across one example, and it was located about 5 miles from where I live, in a small hamlet of Dundela Ontario---this is quite a famous little area-------Why?---well it was here that John Mackintosh discovered a lovely red apple tree growing in the bush on his newly acquired tract of land (approx. 1784)--One that he nurtured and developed into the world famous Macintosh Red apple--found in nearly every grocery store in North America

Well right across the road stand a lovely early home and in the front lawn is a small mound gently rising out of the lawn. The owner took me down in it and I was amazed at the coolness right in the middle of the summer's heat

hope you enjoy these reminiscings


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