Hello everyone tonight

It was aa nice sidetrip--talking about separate storage cellars, those old timers realy knew a thing or two about plain everyday living for sure---My uncle who farmed next to us never had electricity on the farm, no running water, no indoor plumbing, no road snow removal in the winter, things just sllllowwwweeeed downnnn come Decembuuuurrr, time to just regenerate a bit, visit the neighbours, keep that old wood fire burning so that the main room in the house was comfortable, the other rooms welllll you went to bed with your long john's on.

My father who had just returned from helping build the Alaska Highway (1943-44)--he constructed many log hospitals in strategic locations there--had brought with him army issue sleeping bags, bear skin coats, high felt boots, and what I loved best of all the down filled bed covers that when you slipped into felt like heaven, warm, and soft, on the coldest night just your nose was cold---

Everything you ate,came out of the cellar, and the meat well--the beef was hung up on the barn floor--froze solid,-- with a white sheet over it, you just cut off what you wanted--I want to tell you we ate well, I really remember the beef ribs roasted in the wood oven, man-- what a taste--today they would throw you in jail for operating an illegal slaughter house, imagine killing your own beef!!!!

It is my firm belief that everyone especially our young people should be taught on a regular basis certain aspects of plain living just for their own good--you never know--maybe that butcher shop and supermarket's supplies could overnight disappear--it make me shudder at the consequences

hope you enjoy as we make our way towards the Christmas festivities

I enjoy everyone who silently visits, just say hello and where you are looking in from--I am interested in hearing some of your tales--after all this is winter and time to reminisce about things gone by

The best part of winter is just around the corner--going to the bush, to cut next years wood supply, a few logs and maybe see the fawns from last winter playing and watching us as we work

Well enough for tonight