hello everyone tonight

I've sort of made up my mind to reproduce 2 historic wheelbarrows this winter, the first will be a 16th century type, scaled down so that it holds nicely 2- 10" flower pots, this order was placed by my wife,and modelled after jim's submission, the second will be a full scale model similar to the one Don submitted

Thanks to both of you

Now to the drawing board to do some scaled sketches to work from, and then to visualize and organize how I am going about the actual work. The material is up in the hay mow where it awaits selection, this is a tradition that was instilled in me by my father, who was always squirlling away boards of all types on one side of the building, by the hay bales.

If any of you remember I restored 2 Garrrison carriages about a year ago now and all the ends of the oak pieces are up there awaiting a needed project, nothing is threw away


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