hello everyone tonight

Sorry for wandering off into olden days but I can't seem to help myself, what I am is where I've been, and what I've done is what I am, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to be with each one of you, and hope that you can gain some insight into what many common folks experienced, at least in my time

As many of you well know my love is working with wood, being fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to learn aspects of the historic trades directly, and many indirectly from other masters of the trades--I wish that all of you had had the opportunitities that fell on my shoulders--one thing for sure if you ever have the opportunity to slow down your world enough to go and experience a 4 or 5 day course in a hands on historic trade, I did and it was a wonderful experience, and I strongly recommend one that broadens ones overall knowledge base, it is very gratifying indeed!--you know that it really sharpens up your skill level because most of the old trade needed that keen edge at every point

Timberframing , hewing, adzing, using chisels, and mallets, appling one's knowledge to complete a difficult task, might need you to reach deeply into your bag of tricks, you might even have to work with other very knowledgeable persons and or tradespeople--I could throw into this mix historic millwrighting, an off shoot of timberframing, mechanics of old machinery, theories of fluid motion, belting, steam power and its related area of smooth transmission of that power to different locations and for different purposes

well I have to go for now



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