Hello everyone tonight, and merry christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year--

Looking back on my posts, I would like to talk a little about that framework , back a few posts--no one responded, but it is an old mid 18oo's church being dismantled

Many times I have pondered how the frame was raised, it sure would not be a normal raising for sure with the cross ceiling members, or girts tying into the plates rather than the vertical posts as normal. Also they seem to join the upper plate right where the vertical post are attached, and as you are probably aware that does not leave very much wood for the attaching point when you take out the mortise for the post--I dare say it has withstood the forces over many years for sure.

It could be that the sides were raised complete with the upper plates, but still that would leave a problem of assembling and tying in the ceiling timbers

Anyone one got any suggestions?



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