Hello everyone tonight

Thanks for joining in Roger to give a little help to Jay, I am absolutely useless as far as giving help to him--All I know is that it is 2 pages back from where we are now, if that is of any help--sorry for the confusion.

and Jay when you do find that post, I am really interested in your slant on how that frame was erected--say if you were given the job or task of doing that in an historic setting--I am always interested in other people's thoughts

While Jay is finding his way and forming his opinion, maybe someone else might join in, and make this a real learning experience.

You know my father always said that there was more than one way to do everything ending up with the same results, I thoroughly agree what about all of you?

As I wander back and forth through all the interesting threads here on the Guild's site, and other types of media, one thing that I notice is the range of ideas developed through the ages to build timberframe structures, which after there is a covering applied looks quite similar, just the joining together of timbers, making up the upper plates in very long frames necessitated the development of good, better, best ideas, some maybe alittle on the exteme side