Hey Rooster,

I owe you and email...Any way, if you look closely at NH's photo and the one you provided, you will note that NH's frame has no interior posts. I agree with you, that I think the exterior walls go up first. Then I start having questions about the frame, which I can not clearly determine from the photo. Does the grid of ceiling girts have "lap joints," or "tusk tenon," on them, and the list of questions go on from there.

This raising would be challenging enough, that I wouldn't want any "lay folk," being involved around crucial areas of the frame's assembly. I believe this is one I would use a "scaffold raising," on. I would want just a few skilled timber wright-riggers that know how to climb well and can rig independently of each other at a relatively high standard, going slow and taking more time, especially if the assembly has "tusk tenon."

Regards, jay