hello everyone tonight

Well--real wintery here--probably will hit -25 tonight--I think back to my teen years at home--a night like tonight would mean 2 wood stoves stoked right up with large elm blocks, the ones you couldn't split if your life depended on it, but boy great heat!!

Thanks for the great dialogue you two--From what the 3 of you are saying, the suggested raising sequence would be alittle unusual from a normal raising, but similar to the senario I put forward.

I happened by chance, to run across a couple that lives very close to where this church stood, I am waiting patiently for further conversation, I understand that they were members at one time and have photos of it--can't wait to see the exterior view and the roof lines--from what I can gather, it may have been a German Lutheran church in the beginning,(which puzzles me somewhat, because of its location)-- but changed hands a couple of times over its lifetime--I will keep you all updated

Thanks again, maybe someone else will join in



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