hello everyone tonight

Thanks for coming on and words of encouragement--you know as I think back to those years gone by, and as I was chatting with my 101 year old mother today--it passed my mind about the morning that I struck out for the barn in the dark, couldn't see anything, the wind was howling, snowing and cold, and I run right smack into a snow drift up to my chest, I pushed my way through , and ran into another, this time almost as high as my head--well I pushed ahead, and finally reached the barn door that as I opened it the steam flowed out--in those days there were no fans, so the heat and moisture would build up to high levels--then I began to melt off, you can imagine I was covered with snow which made my clothes soaking wet, with 80 eyes watching me as was usual waiting patiently to be fed, cleaned, watered, it was not a comfortable experience to say the least--soaked to the skin, and wondering about the return trip back, the same way I came--had to get the milk cans to the road, for pickup, what a session--each can weighing 80lbs, one in each hand, a good thing I was in my prime, but that was farming in the 40's, I could hear the snow plow coming, actually barely moving , going forward as far as possible, backing up and then taking another charge at the immense snowdrifts--these trucks had motors probably no bigger than some cars then--trying to do an impossible job--the road was drifting in right behind them, the higher the plowed drifts the worse the drifting--what a sight when the rays of morning came along, you can imagine what an impossible task it was to get the milk cans over the plowed drifts at the end of our driveway

Well got to go