hello everyone tonight

well we are realy getting hammered, what a storm--but those poor survivors of hurricane sandy, they sure don't need more misery--

Thanks for your kind words about mother, she just keeps on going, it seems weird when my sister who is 84 is sitting there talking to her, mother looks younger--hair done up, nails painted--memory pretty good--she never had an easy life for sure--but I must say if it wasn't for modern medicine she wouldn't be here--

She was always in the house when I came home from school, just up the gravel road a piece, what memories of days gone by,--dad was just home from Alaska, he went there for 2 years on the construction of the highway in 43 and 44-saw -50F in a tent, had alot of interesting tales, they played alot of checkers to pass the time, he really enjoyed that game for sure--said he was the champion checker player of alaska--I really am not sure about that, but of course I believed him--he would let me win once in a while--he would play my favorite game then snakes and ladders, as I got older the serious things like learning carpentry work, and timber work became #1--never any short cuts--he expected perfection and you know am I ever glad he took the time and effort to make sure that I did just that!!!

well got to go