hello everyone tonight

Thanks jay for coming on i also enjoy your comraderie

well been busy getting up the wood for next winter to enjoy--if i am still here--there seems to be so much sickness around, especially in the younger generations--my friends i grew up with are all long gone now--i don't know if it helps but i never smoked one cigarette, of course i enjoyed other amenities--

The warm spell here has caused all kinds of run off problems, but I have been expecting and waiting for it to happen, always does like the sun coming up and going down--water always seems to be watching and ready to take advantage of every little weakness that us humans seem to forget about--

it won't be long until the farmers will be getting that farm itch, they get it about 4 oclock in the afternoon, and really bad after 3 nice days of sunshine, especially when they see little dry spots showing up on the exposed tips of the fall plowing--i used to laugh when my son and i would be attending a farm meeting, and i would say to him at 4 oclock, watch the guys ahead of us--slowly they would slide their butts back and forth for about 15 minutes--looking around--and then faster, and then up they would get and disappear--in about 20 minutes there would hardly be anyone left--the presenter would practically be talking to himself--

nice year in the bush not too much snow and lots of company watching us--one day there was as many as 12 deer watching with curiosity as we worked along--just outside the circle a lone coyote sat waiting, more or less watching dinner walk around--i suspect there was many more not far away--

it is sort of wierd when i was young there was hardly any deer, if you saw one you were lucky, no coyotes at all, no wild turkeys, thousands now--bears come and go at times, moose all over, isn't that wierd or what?--must be that demon climate change-we blame everything on that--i wonder what caused all the climate changes in times gone by, couldn't have been the automobiles, o yes i forgot now its seems that cows are to blame, belching too much gas--have to get rid of them i guess--

well got to go