hello everyone

hi Timbeal--nice to hear from you--

well i guess we could blame the sun, it comes and goes, and we really don't know what makes it tick-really--but it does create climate changes each season for sure--hope it soon gets here-maybe bring along some good changes, the ones we go south to find--

maybe its gravity lurking around, making things fall--except the clouds which float along--amazing really--actually they are rising while everthing else is falling--

I can remember when i was young, the old guys would say ,when we had bad weather spells--its those blasted airplanes up there stirring things up--

but really if you believe our scientists, the world has gone through may major climatic changes and for sure there will be many more, and we will not change things in that respect change will come--we might hasten things alittle but the major input is from things outside our control---like our RNA--

well i got to go out now and continue to slit some wood to feed my wood stove,--and add some terrible CO2 to the atmosphere- and give the cows some thing to eat and belch about--maybe hasten the climate change in the right direction--