hello everyone tonight

Thanks for that tip Don, but where would one get one of those bricks?--I would certainly try one if I had it--

I was wondering about something on the line of a modern coated tool, one that maybe had carbide or industrial diamond as a cutting and truing medium--

There is some really good stone cutting blades out there but how to use one in this instance is the question--

I guess that I need to go back a few centuries when this type of job would be a piece of cake--looking at the Vatican and its ornate carvings--truing up my grindstone looks pretty simple--

When you think of it we have all the power sources, but not the knowledge

A few years ago I had to work with and repair 3 pair of gristmill grinding stones, the ones that actually grind the wheat--well I am going to tell you that stone was unbelievably hard, an ordinary good quality steel bit wouldn't even dent the surface--it was a porous type of stone and it came from France shipped over here in the 1800's--dressing its surface perfectly flat --laying out its furrows and lands,-- balancing, well it wasn't my job but was accomplished by an old gristmiller from Quebec, my work was to install the water turbine the vertical shafting, and then the 3--36" wood pulleys nestled around the central shaft, under the floor--each one of them powering up a pair of stones directly above--well there is more to this story but maybe there is no interest if there is let me know--


(I still need advice on truing up my stone--lets hear what other suggestions are out there--)