Good Day All,

Silicosis was (is) the bane of all stone carvers, quarry workers and many in the stone industry. The life expectancy of most folks in the trade, (including some of my family,) was less than 50 and most died between 35 and 45. It has gotten better of course with ventilation and mask technology but is still a concern when you do it every day.

The "stone sheds," are what killed many of the workers in all of the stone trade, from architectural to the industrial stone work, (like sharpening stones and wheels.) The small quarries had there own carvers, but they worked outside most of the time and didn't get the concentrated dust you did in "stone sheds." One of my teacher, Floyd was 90 years old when we went back to an old quarry in Arkansas to collect a Blank to make a wheel he wanted. These old quarries are still scattered around all over the place, if you know where to look. The still operate in the Middle East and throughout Asia.