hello everyone tonight

well I am working my way through things here, quite an experience for sure, but i guess that is life isn't it?

As I reminised over the last few weeks about times gone by, one of the many great things that comes to my mind was coming home from school each day and being met at the door by my mother who was always there in the kitchen ironing and listening to the battery operated radio--I thoroughly wish that more children in today's world, could have the same opportunity.

That could have been said for alot of things though like the sound of the grain binder as it cut and bound the sheaves of grain, the sound of the corn cutter cutting the sheaves of corn, but talking about this in particular, as a child too young then to join the threshing or silo fillng teams, I would stand by the tractor that was driving the machine by means of a 100 foot endless belt, and listen to the motor moan and groan as it responded to the governor- straining to try and keep the machine's speed constant--this was important because if the speed fell too far there was the danger of plugging the delivery pipes running up the side of the wooden silo--you will notice I said wooden silo, no concrete slabs then, just various types of wooden ones around--as a child I was mesmerized by the sounds and commotion around me

I remember quite well one day as the men were unhooking the horses for noon that one tug became entangled spooking the team, and they bolted in circles completely destroying the wagon in front of our eyes, luckily no one was hurt

I remember another time when we were threshing and working late one night, and the farmer rounded up his milk cows after dusk, as they approached the barn they spooked and they never found them till the next day in the bush

any way i got to go--nice to be back