hello everyone tonight

well opened up my tool box today to check everything out and found that rust devil at work, especially on the chisels and axes, so spent some quality time cleaning them up, and I must say reminiscing about times gone by-----------it seems like yesterday that my father decided that it was time for me to try my hand at using one of his smaller broadaxes, and I must say that it felt pretty comfortable in my hand----being a "modern teenager" I was wondering where in the devil I would ever use what he was trying to teach me------about 25 years later I found out that knowledge stored away can be easily retrieved, and came in quite handy, something like learning the keyboard on the old typewriter, when computers came along that past training was put to good use, others marveled how this old woodworker could master using the keyboard on the new computer they placed in my office--I remember the look on their faces--you know I went to school in a one room country school, all 8 grades in one room--no fancy desks, recreation room, no computers, no indoor toilets, just wooden rooms outside, one for girls and one for boys, the boy's was really decorated up with fancy sayings from years gone bye, quite interesting to a young lad like me, but you know I finished grade 8 at 10 years old, finished highschool's grade 12 at 14 and headed out into the big world to find my fortune, well found a wife first that set the tone for the next 54 years--it has been great, wouldn't change a thing--well got the last chisel done putting them away for a while--till the next cleaning----------------------------I am going to have a one day training class for my grandsons, I wonder if they will wonder why they are being shown something they will never use---time will tell