This talk of cattle drives brought me some fond memories as well, though the cattle driving I experienced was a bit different. In The mountains of Switzerland, they herd the cattle up on top of the mountains each summer to graze and make cheese from their milk. Each day, we would have to go out onto the mountains and find the cows and herd them back in the evening to be milked. You learn quickly why Swiss cows wear bells, it is hard some times to find where they have wandered to day, especially if a heavy fog (which is a cloud for those down in the valley) has settled in -and might stay for many days.

Your talk of the new experiences and a new land brings emotions to me as well, as does the talk of heritage. Few people are more connected to their heritage than us, and we still don't consider this to be our home. Some people came to this land of new experiences and new adventures by choice -seeking a new life, a new world, a new adventure. Some were not so fortunate, they came because they had no choice. My own people were exiled from their homeland.

Perhaps the 3 bay English barn should have won, or maybe it should not. I will never love any framing more than that of the homeland. But this I can say, maybe it was best adapted to the situation faced by these new settlers.

I have considered the videotaping like you said. When I was in Switzerland last, I took the opportunity to take some 2 to 3000 photographs, mostly of buildings, for just this purpose. Today, largely as a fruit of these labors, I am designing as faithful a reproduction of a 17th century structure as I can.

Was de eine ilüchtet isch für angeri villech nid so klar.