hello everyone tonight

Well back again--

been on DL's chat site here on the forum, been having a real good chat back and forth, I recommend that you all should visit it, for a real journey into the past-In my opinion DL is very knowledgeable in Swiss and German building techniques

it was interesting that there seemed to be a consensus that those poor old farmers, no matter where they live or what country they live in, seem to be just a little bit smarter than many may think

One must remember that farmers didn't just work the land then but had to be good at many other things and one was to learn from their parents the old ways--and as the generations rolled along always new ideas were adapted IF the ideas were of value

Some of these ideas came from other cultures, and which ever culture was the predominating one, those ideas and techniques also seemed to dominate

Take saw mills many times were operated in the off seasons by local farmers.

These mills with reciprocating vertical blades referred to as "Mulley" mills slowly succummed to circular blades, but only when a reliable motive power was developed--the building housing these crude but efficient machines, were constructed with the hewn timbers from local farm lots

Just alittle pitch here for those hardy people that developed the lands all over the planet