Thanks Richard for the story

I always perk up when someone mentions the Mennonites. Truth is, that is true we are losing our old ways. In our community the Amish stopped timber framing some time ago, and this is happening in many other places as well.

We have the debate all the time, what is worth holding on to, what is not. Not everyone will agree all the time. We make the problem too often of thinking these things are important to our faith when they are not, then the young people become disillusioned and want to throw them off.

One of my goals in life is to preserve my families traditions for the coming generations, and folks like you are a major inspiration for me.

I can say from experience, you can learn a great deal without formal training. I will call it, learning by osmosis. When you are in contact with these things, around them, you see them, then you just understand them even if know one ever sat down and explained it to you. And I think those of us who were raised that way are better at that, I think too many people today think they need an education to learn anything, and so they don't know how to really learn -to observe, to think, to study.

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