hello everyone (this very cold) tonight indeed

I have a question that I need help with

--Could you replace the 2 centre cross girts in a 3 bay barn which are 24 feet long, and 10 by 12 inches in cross section (this beam was normally supported by a vertical post at the centre point)

I am suggesting replacing this setup with 2 Swing Beams to eradicate the centre support posts

The Swing Beams would be 9 inches square at both ends tapered to 9 by 16 inches at the centre points
--this beam then would be capped immediately above the tapered beam with a 9 inch square beam for its total length of 24 feet

A short prick post 9 inches square, would join the two at the centre point of the tapered beam forming a sort of a truss arrangement

This would leave the whole lower area free of any posts

Of course there would be braces at both ends as normally done

I know of two barns each with one bent containing a swing beam of this type , and the other bent containing a normal arrangement which would consist of a regular cross girt and vertical central post beneath it

just wondering if any of you could comment on my suggestion

thanks in advance


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