hello everyone tonight

Both nice answers indeed--thanks for the special in depth look at growth, versus age, environmental factors, very educational I must say, and I really enjoyed it all--I hope that everyone else did too-----

To continue with my story above and my visitation to the seed tree site, I was astounded to find the lovely motherly type of Spruce tree snapped off close to the ground level, and due to decay was of absolutely no value--I surmised that it had reached its life span and mother nature said it was time to recycle

it had though managed to spread some of its genetics in the local area, not as much as I had envisioned though

Here is a question--how long will the seed lay around and still be able to reproduce, will it need something to give it a shunt--I was always told that a forest fire will help certain species come to life, one specie that seems to come on in burned out areas is the poplar tree around here