hello everyone tonight

well here I am again for a time, mother nature threw me a little curve, but it glanced

The guild is sure a leader in the timber framing world, I am trying to catch up on events, I hope that it continues its steady course forward

I am getting ready to show a young lad the basics of hewing as I see it, really excited about that

It is funny what you might find in walls, I just happened to explore the space between two brick walls and felt something there it was a wooden ruler which no doubt fell there many years ago when the construction was going on

That brings to mind a few unusual things that happened to me, finding a large penny in a wall dated 1899 the year my father was born

A while ago remodelling my home I found in the bathroom wall a chisel left there by the original contractor, I knew him and one day took the chisel back and gave it to him, he was astounded

It would be nice to hear some unusual happenings in your lifetime

The Northern Hewer