Hi Richard, welcome back!

Lots of unusual things in my life, for sure.
But my favorite?

When I was part of a studio exchange program in NYC (I came to timber framing by way of sculpture and architecture) I had to take the GRE tests to get into grad school. I had stayed up way too late the night before, and actually, for the first time in my life had too much to drink...

So, I awoke with a headache really early on a Saturday, hailed a cab in the pouring rain, and gave the cabbie the address of the high school I needed to get to.

He got me close, but couldn't really find the school. I told him I would walk and find it. I paid him, and jumped out of the cab.

A couple of blocks later after walking around I reached down to my front pocket to see if I had my wallet...

And it wasn't there. I freaked out - you needed 2 forms of ID to sit for the test. I searched my bag, my pockets, my jacket. PO'd I ended up smashing my umbrella in anger.

Just then a cab pulls up, I run over to it, open the door and start blabbing... 'can you get on the radio and see if...' when I see my wallet sitting on the seat.

The cabbie told me he circled back around because he didn't want to leave me off in the neighborhood where I was.

I eventually found the school and filled in bubbles with a #2 pencil for several hours. I was soaking wet and had a hang over.

The results were sent to my NY apartment and to the school I was applying to. I never did see the results as my mail forwarding got messed up when I moved back to the midwest.

But, I did get into grad school, even got a partial scholarship. So I never really wanted to know how I did on that test... I just accept that it was 'good enough'.

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