hello everyone

great stories especially the one about the wallet, it brings to mind and experience my friend had in Acapulco mexico.

Well we had hired a taxi to go down town and my friend paid on the return trip, well when we entered in the hotel he discovered that he had left his wallet in the taxi-you can imagine how he reacted all his money, identification, passport, gold master card etc--didn't know what to do most all taxis look alike, but the one we had was different, so we hired another taxi and went back to the spot where we had hired the taxi, and lo and behold there it was just returning and parked, he got out and started walking --my friend went over to him and said , "I believe you have my wallet"--The cabbie reached in his pocket and handed him his wallet without a question--You know he could have just disappeared up a side street and been well fixed for some time--this is something that happened that sure was a long shot and all we could think of doing, but paid off big time.

We now watch very carefully our wallets