hello everyone tonight

Thanks Don for the lead to that site, really something, watched a quite a few of the ones that interest me--hope that others followed suit.

Well to continue in the dusty old album, there was another picture of me standing by the house mover, quite a machine indeed, could straddle a good sized 2 storey house, and hook up cables to previously laid I-beams, it slowly raised the building up off the foundation, keeping it perfectly level and as it moved forward continued to keep it level no matter what the framework of the mover encountered , humps, hollows, ditches, slanted surfaces

it was powered by a 500 hp engine which drove two gigantic drive wheels, 9 feet in height at the front, and the rear part was supported by another pair of equal size

The people in the homes rode to their new locations seated at their tables having lunch in many cases, not even spilling the tea cups, or water glasses

The whole unit was built like a giant U shaped fork, and could straddle the homes easily

It looked a little weird a smallish man sitting up in the control area pulling and turning small controls which in turn did tremendous work, it must have seemed very unusual to have that much authority

upon reaching the newly created foundation it gently would back in and lower the house down, the I beams lowering into pockets left in the new foundation walls, which were then withdrawn and moved immediately to another home

it was though limited to only frame homes with light brick veneer walls, heavier stone homes used another method

well got to go