hello everyone tonight

Hi Don

Thanks for keeping this discussion going and interesting, and I might say educational

One thing though that I would like you to comment on, or anyone else who might like to take a stab at answering it----

Ok--here we go--

"into the theoretical construction site, (lets say it is a new barn being built)--comes 2----40 foot pine, large enough to square 12" on the small ends--these trees are 3.5 feet on the large ends

These logs are to be transformed into the long outside mud sills, would you still raise them up to knee level, if so that would make the top of the log at the lower end approx. 5 feet from the ground--what would your plan of attack be as you instruct your hewing team standing patiently by, waiting to construct an area for hewing these and many others as they continue to be felled and are skidded into the area