As they say all the time, one thing leads to another, and it does.
Probably many people would agree that the squaring-up time comes best the year after the tree gets laid low, and I would too. Don't get me wrong now, I like to go at in on the freshly felled tree as well, it is just that little bit better the next season. At all costs cutting into dried wood that way should be avoided by way of good planning otherwise something has gone wrong from the outset.

Also, I'm more and more convinced of the benefits of watering in most cases. Too bad the practice has been largely dropped by and large except for some specialists taking the right approach.

The key to getting it right with red cedar is keeping that cutting edge keenly sharpened. It means frequently stopping the chopping and maybe even stropping. Still, the right axe type can also come to your aid when things there are going rough.

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