hello everyone tonight

Well the bottom bearing---where will I start---

The pitmnan at this point is 4" thick and 6" wide--this seems to be stout enough, but we have to insert a wooden bearing which is 4" thick--the thickness of the pitman and aprox 4" wide and 6" , long--length not being the problem here

So if you are following me along at approx. 3 " from the end of the pitman a square cut out has to be removed with dimensions approx. 41\8"by 7.5"in length--the extra length of opening being used for the passage of a slightly tapered wooden wedge that will pass through the 6" width of the pitman just above the cavity for the bearing

In your minds eye you probably will say that there is not much wood left, and you are right, and the old millwrights knew this so a special length of 3\16th by 4" steel band is fashioned stretching from well above the cut out around the end of the pitman and up an equal distance on the other side, this steel hammer strap will need to be accurately cut out at all the openings and well fitted snugly at all turns--good sharp bends--

this hammer strap is secured at the upper ends with 2--- 1\2" carriage bolts and at the lower end, now get this--at this point the end of the pitman is fashioned into a 2 by 2" by 1\2" thick tenant which will snuggly fit through an opening in the hammer stap, and I mean tight, no fooling around--

Have you all followed me so far?

enjoy NH