hello everyone tonight

well got sidetracked as usual just too many things that are interesting to chat about--now to continue the pitman bearing

--the wooden wedge is next on the agenda--it passes through the pitman in the opposite direction from the orientation of the wood bearing--actually just above it, which means that another mortise hole has to be let into the pitman and transverses through the metal band encompassing the end of the pitman shaft as well as through the wooden segment itself.---

Now just one more thing, before you insert the wood wedge to tighten the bearing,s segments is this a flat plate needs to be fabricated unless the old one is at hand, this flat plate is shaped so that as it goes into place on top of the wood bearing and will absorb the wear and tear of the friction and other extremes that will develop from the pressure of the wood wedge as it is now driven home and secured with a small nail to keep it from moving out of place

with the insertion of the wedge the lower end of the pitman now is ready for the work ahead--we will be moving to the top end next and deal with its many intricacies