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the pitman cont'd

The upper end bearing is simpler in some ways but still has its unusual characteristics

The bearing itself is a heavy split bronze bearing that will eventually be fitted to a hardened 1" pin that anchors it tightly to the guide block

this is the way it (the bronze bearing)is anchored to the upper end of the pitman---the bearing is very near 3.5" square on its base, but the base of the bearing is not flat but has an indentation of 2" square by 1" deep, and the end of the pitman is shaped to fit snuggly up into this indentation

Now we have the base of he bearing seated on the end of the pitman--now to secure it and the upper half securely without any chance of failure

To achieve this again a heavy iron strap is forged and fitted to the graceful lines of the sides of the shaft it starts about 16" down from the upper end and encircles the lower and upper parts of the bearing finishing down an equal distance on the opposite side

I might add right here that the external surface of this bearing is shaped so that it accommodates this strap so that it (the bearing) cannot escape out sideways

Now to secure the strap