hello everyone tonight

Well to finish the attachment of the upper bearing------

This strap is held in place by a tapered key that is about 7" long (roughly)--it passes through the steel strap on both sides of the pitman, is rectangular in shape and about 1\2 " in thickness, and tapering from 1\2" on the one end to 1.5" on the other end

You can see that the taper of the key is very small for a purpose, which is to tighten and pull downwards the steel strap as it is pounded in--you probably are wondering how this is effected well the mortise hole through the pitman is in line with these two holes through the metal band but not quite the mortise hole extends downwards to give the tapered key enough room to continue the pressure downwards until everything is very tight, then the key which has various small holes on the smaller tapered end, one is selected that has just exited the metal band and a small bolt is slipped through and double nutted to ensure that it will not come loose with vibration

Now you will say "whoa"--how do you get this set up over the 1`" pin on the guide block---to be continued--

-- well enjoy for now--