hello everyone tonight

once again thanks for saying hello Dave

Getting back to the Guide Block-------------------

Now we have more or less explored the relative shape of the guide block and some of its strengthening features, now to the wear points--there are 3 on each side--

Reviewing the main part of the head block it is about 30" wide and 24" in length--now to this rectangular block which is made up of 3 cross members of 10" width material-- 2.5" in thickness--these in turn are mortised and tenanted into two vertical pieces of the same thickness on each (both) edges, 4" in width--this is well done with tight fitting joinery work--the tenants on the horizontals extending completely through the vertical pieces--on the work table small hardwood wedges are driven into the ends of the tenants, with a slight application of glue expanding the ends until there is absolutely no chance of movement--through each mortise and tenant is placed (3) hardwood 1\2" pins which are also glued, (no draw bore is necessary)-to finish this out a sanding and finishing of the pin ends is in order

We are now ready to move on to the application of the Guide Block's replaceable wear strips these are to be applied so that each year or oftener they can be replaced as required without altering the Guide Block itself in any way, and should be made up in sets and be available for immediate use to lessen any down time during the production

There is a little trick to this which we will discuss tomorrow, and also discuss at length the procedures necessary to be taken upon the renewal of a set of wear strips should that be needed

Is everyone following me so far?

Any questions?

I am trying to be as clear as possible, but may be missing some technical points

Be assured I will not move on from the guide block until I feel everyone is comfortable with my explanations as we move along

You can see I am sure this rough looking mill is beginning to exhibit some very fine features, and I assure you they will get finer as we move along



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