hello everyone tonight

well here we go--maybe some of you have already figured out how this is done--after I explain the technique the old millwrights here in Upper Canada used, maybe you could come up with an alternative method for discussion, but please have examples that might have been used in other parts of the world to back up the views you are putting forward

Anyway, we have the 2 wear strips at this point tightly positioned against the guide block's edges, about 1" above, and 1" below.

I will try and explain the next steps------------

We will be placing a series of 1\2 " holes through the wear strips on either side, each passing through the guide strip, to a depth of 2" into the guide block

Now we know that on the face edge of the guide block are mortise holes that contain the ends of the horizontal members making up the main body of the guide block, so #1 we do not want to place any 1\2" dowels in the ends of these tenants--the position of these will have to be carefully monitored and marked on the outside face of the wear strips, so that positioning of the dowels can accurately be plotted.

I recommend 8 dowels be used, dividing them up in their final positions --your job----

let me explain one thing right now after the holes are drilled and the dowels placed, it is imperative that you can remove the wear strip, by slipping it up off the dowels and sliding on a new one as required, due to wear in the future--

To do this each dowel has to be inserted as close to a 90 degree angle as possible

What I did was use a 16" ship auger and make up a jig that would sit against the face of the wear strip that the auger would rest in as the drilling was in progress

Having said this the whole setup is a bit forgiving, but not much

now with all the holes drilled select (16)--3.5"-hardwood " pins and chamfer the points slightly, they will be cut off later

Tap them all in place --no glue--

Take some sand paper and sand the exposed ends to remove a few thousands of an inch off each one, this will allow the wear strip to be tapped into place, but not yet!!

well got to go